THUNER SNUB BFR 45-70 S/S 3 inch Barrel

THUNER SNUB BFR 45-70 S/S 3 inch Barrel

Thunder Snub BFR 45-70 Government 3inch with STAINLESS STEEL FRAME, OCTAGON BARREL, PENTAGON LONG CYLINDER, BLACK BISLEY GRIP Also including hand-carved custom ejector

This is not just BFR it is build by “PRECISION CENTER” BFR REVOLVERS

PRECISION CENTER BFR: The famous BFR is available in a one-of-a-kind unique calibers and configurations and as always two frame sizes. These are built to order per your request. Discriminating hunters, shooters, and collectors can have their own BFR “built to order” with a reasonably quick turnaround time on most requests. Most precision center guns can be shipped in about 4 weeks or less from the time the order is placed and your deposit received.  Precision Center BFR single action 5 shot revolvers start life with our own super-strong magnum frames, grip frames, and cylinders. They 100% made in the United States with American steel and components. They are designed with accuracy, durability, and safety as design constraints. To that end, all Precision Center guns are hand polished and assembled using the finest cut rifled barrels and assembly techniques developed by Magnum Research one at a time. Each one undergoes two dozen checks and inspections during its production.  The actions on Precision Center guns are hand honed and polished for the custom gun feel and function. They feature deep cut caliber engraving on the frame, less than .002” barrel cylinder gap, and precise chamber – barrel alignment. We achieve this alignment by using a proprietary process developed in our shop using hard gauges during the action fitting process that keeps barrel cylinder alignment at under.001 TIR! It is better than the old and proven “line boring” method. They come to you with stock soft rubber grips and a round barrel unless you specify some other configuration that we offer. They feature a 2.5 to 3-pound trigger pull with minimum creep. With cylinder lengths of 3.060 on the long frame and 1.903 on the short frame, many calibers can be chambered. Additionally, some calibers that use the same bullet diameters can be dual cylinders.  All Precision Center guns are shipped with our own one-piece scope mount base and are tapped accordingly. The BFR scope mount is machined from a solid block of aluminum it is not an extrusion. They are anodized silver to match the brushed finish gun itself. Our scope mounts have a recoil lug on the rear of them that helps hold everything in place under the recoil of the large calibers we chamber for. All mounting screws are supplied.




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